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What does nappy rash look like? 

Nappy rash is present when your baby’s skin looks red and sore, and may be chapped or swollen in places.  Nappy rash can make your baby feel uncomfortable.  It can be prevented and treated quite easily with Caldesene Powder and Caldease Ointment.

Why does nappy rash occur?

When your baby wets a nappy, bacteria react with the urine on the nappy to form ammonia.  If the nappy isn’t changed quickly, the ammonia can “burn” your baby’s delicate skin.  If a nappy is wet and soiled at the same time, this causes a different chemical reaction which can irritate and damage the skin even more.  Nappy rash can affect all the delicate skin around your baby’s bottom and inner thighs, and may be particularly bad in skin folds and creases. 

What can you do to prevent nappy rash?

  • Check your baby’s nappy often and change it as soon as it becomes wet or soiled
  • Wash the area with damp cotton wool, using very mild baby soap, and dry it well, without rubbing.
  • To make sure the skin is dry, and to help provide a barrier against wetness, sprinkle on Caldesene, the special medicated baby powder
  • If it’s not too cold, let your baby kick around without nappy or plastic pants as much as possible to let the skin ‘breathe’.
  • Wash nappies and clothes in a non biological powder, and rinse thoroughly.

How Caldesene helps

Caldesene Powder is a baby powder that can actually protect your baby from nappy rash in several different ways.  Because it is medicated, it attacks harmful bacteria.  It soothes skin irritation, which helps prevent rashes.   Its special formulation also means that it forms a barrier against wetness on your baby’s skin. Because Caldesene is a powder there is less risk of disturbing the rash which might be painful.

To complement the Powder there is Caldease Ointment which also helps to heal your baby’s nappy rash.

Caldease Ointment is applied before the powder and works under the Caldesene powder, to actually put back fluids to the skin area and acts as a moisturiser and will help prevent recurrence of the nappy rash.

  • The active ingredient in Caldesene Powder is Calcium undecylenate
  • The active ingredient in Caldease Ointment is Zinc oxide and cod liver oil.

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