Caldesun for kids

Stay Sun Safe with caldesun for kids – From the maker’s of Caldesene

Some sunlight is good for us as we all need Vitamin D to help build and maintain strong bones but too much sun is harmful and can damage your skin. The main cause of skin cancer is ultraviolent light (UV) radiation from sunlight.

There are two type of UV light that reach the Earth: UV-A and UV-B. UV-C rays from the sun cannot get through the ozone layer but the UV-A and the UV-B ones have been linked to causing cancer. UV – A radiation can cause skin aging and wrinkling while UV-B radiation can cause the skin to burn. It is important to protect your child from the day they are born from this UV radiation as skin cancer takes some time to develop – up to 20 to 30 years; and in Ireland we typically have fair, light coloured skin that freckles or burns easily and we can be more at risk than other nationalities. Indeed, Ireland has a higher incidence of malignant melanoma than the EU average (source: Cancer Research UK – EU 2002). The number of skin cancer sufferers is rising each year (Source: Irish Cancer Society). If your child gets severe sunburn or blistering – there can be more of a risk of your child developing skin cancer as an adult.


Children tend to be outdoors a lot and it is thought that in a lifetime most people will get 80% of their exposure to the sun in their youth. It is said that a single sunburn at an early age increases the risk of later skin cancer by 30%.

It is essential to protect your children with a “broad spectrum” sunscreen. This means that your child’s skin is protected against the UV-A and the UV-B rays. The SPF (sun protection factor) tells you how good the sunscreen is at filtering out the UV-B rays.

You cannot get a complete protection since some UV rays will always get through but even with a SPF of 15, there will more than a 90% protection from UV-B rays.

Remember that 90% of all skin cancers are preventable if enough care is taken daily using reliable sun protection. Sun damage is built up over the years and even on a cloudy day – the sun’s rays can pass through clouds.

Caldesun has UV-A/UV-B protection. Caldesun also contains an IR-A protective complex – the short-wave, non-heat producing component of infrared light, known as infrared A (IR-A), a major component of sunlight, can also cause skin damage. This damage is brought about via pathogenic mechanisms completely different to those responsible for the damage caused by UV light and it also affects deeper skin layers. Certain antioxidants have proved useful in protecting the skin against IR-A radiation and are now included in an IR-A protective complex contained in Caldesun sun protection range.

Caldesun is also water resistant and is clinically tested and is suitable for children with neurodermatitis.

Caldesun contains no Peg emulsifiers, perfume, artificial colours or preservatives and contains moisturising oils to prevent the skin from drying out.

Caldesun is particularly kind to skin as it has a combination of micro-pigments and organic filters to protect children’s delicate skin from sunburn and delayed side-effects immediately after application.


Sun Protection Spray 30 and 50 SPF factors – high protection for children’s skin with IR-A cell protection and UV-A and UV-B protection. Protects children’s delicate skin immediately after application

  • Children less than 6 months ought to be kept in the shade at all times – use protective umbrella / parasols / protectors for your baby.
  • Try and keep your older children indoors during the hours of 11 am and 3 pm or at least, encourage them to play in the shade.
  • Provide hats and sunglasses for your children – let your child pick their hat so that they will wear it– and let them choose ‘cool’ wrap-around sunglasses which have 100% UV protection and have UV 400 which means the sunglasses protect from both UV-A and UV-B rays.
  • Dress your children in loose fitting clothes that cover their arms and legs.
  • Most importantly – use Caldesun Sun Protection before going out into the sun. Reapply after swimming and during the day to protect your child from the sun’s damaging rays and then you can relax and enjoy yourselves!

Caldesun is a unique sun protection product with UV-A, UV-B and IR-A cell protection for the skin. It comes in 30 and 50 SPF and is ideal for the most sensitive of skins.

Stay Sun Safe with Caldesun –Unique UV-A, UV-B and IR-A cell protection for the skin

Caldesun is distributed by ClonMedica, the OTC Division of Clonmel Healthcare Ltd, Waterford Road, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. 2010/ADV/CAL/002