Hedrin – Giving You the Heads Up on Head Lice

Hedrin The weather has taken a turn for the worst and it officially summer is over and parents all over Ireland are checking their back to school lists to ensure they have everything their kids need for a stress free return or start to school.  As all our children return to school we have to ensure it will not just be books and pretty pencil cases they are carrying! Head lice outbreaks are a common occurrence at the beginning of the school year with young children being in such close proximity to each other when playing it’s not just the common cold and chicken pox that can spread the dreaded head lice is definite if you are not prepared.

If you have the misfortune to find lice, don’t worry or be embarrassed.  Head lice are a normal part of childhood – nearly one in 10 primary school children could have head lice at any one time. Most parents know what a hassle it is to treat head lice and just how frustrating it can be when your child comes home scratching their head yet again.

But with ClonMedica’s help parents don’t have to worry about the dreaded lice with their quick and stress free solution to head lice with their Hedrin range which includes:


  • Hedrin Treat & Go 
  • Hedrin Protect & Go 
  • Hedrin Once  

Anyone can get head lice although they are most common amongst children aged 4-11 who spend more time in close contact with friends and siblings. The best known symptom is itching but this is not the best indicator as many people may not itch with lice at all. Leaving lice untreated can lead to a loss of self esteem and confidence and a general feeling of being unwell.

These products are each proven to be highly effective at killing and protecting against head lice, but specially formulated to suit different preferences and lifestyles.

TV3’s Sybil Mulcahy Ambassador for Hedrin said of the new range “It is every parent’s nightmare finding those little eggs in your child’s head. Last year my kids got headlice so I learnt fast.  With three kids, two in primary school, I do receive the dreaded notes saying there is a bout of head lice in the school but because I use Hedrin Protect & Go I know my kids aren’t affected which is a huge relief.”

“I still find myself checking my kids heads every week – I think everyone should once a week take a peek to ensure you catch those eggs before they hatch because I am terrified that they would spread to me!”, Sybil continued.

Hedrin Treat and Go promises a fuss free solution that’s great for children that just want to get out and play.  A water based treatment which rinses out of hair easily, without any greasy residue and when dry, remains on the child’s hair while they play, go to school or sleep.  Requiring just two applications (eight hours or overnight) seven days apart, Hedrin Treat and Go is available in spray and mousse

Hedrin Protect and Go promises protection from head lice that is simple and easy to use.  You simply apply after every hair wash (or at least twice a week).  It is gentle with a mild detangling formula protects and conditions along with a fruity, orange and mango fragrance that leaves hair smelling fresh.  Hedrin is fast with a simple spray on and leave in action whilst clinically proven to give protection when the threat of head lice appears and is designed for regular long term use.

Samantha Doundoulakis, Marketing Manager, ClonMedica said of the products, “Hedrin is an amazing product that time and again has saved parents the stress when it comes to headlice.  Both Hedrin Treat and Go and Hedrin Protect and Go have only been on the Irish marketing a year and already are becoming a firm stable in every family home. Hedrin Treat & Go is clinically proven to be highly effective at killing head lice and eggs.  Hedrin Protect & Go offers great protection against head lice and should be a must for every home.”

To help further educate parents and teachers on this pesky problem, ClonMedica have developed www.onceaweektakeapeek.ie website full of handy hints and tips and also puts an end to all those myths by stating the facts including the one that only dirty children get head lice the fact is head lice are not fussy they can easily live in a dirty environment or a clean one, so having head lice has nothing to do with personal hygiene

All of the Hedrin range are available nationwide in all good pharmacies with recommended retail prices as follows.  

  • Hedrin Once Spray Gel 100ml RRP €14.15
  • Hedrin Treat & Go Lotion Spray 60 ml RRP €9.69
  • Hedrin Treat & Go Mousse 100ml RRP €15.69
  • Hedrin Protect & Go Spray 120 ml RRP €5.35
  • Hedrin Protect & Go Spray 200ml RRP €7.75

So just remember: Once a Week, Take a Peek! 

Maternity & Infant Awards 2014

  Awards We are delighted to have been nominated in the 2014 Maternity & Infant Awards. We are nominated for ‘Best Baby Skincare Product’ with CaldeSpray for Nappy Rash and Caldesun sun protection for Kids, and for ‘Innovative Product of the Year’ with CaldeKids Travel Pops to settle little tummies while travelling and Lactoflora pre- and probiotics for kids. We would really appreciate your support by voting for your favourite Clonmel Healthcare product.  Caldesun Caldespray    

Sybil Mulcahy – ClonMedica brand Ambassador


Co-Presenter on TV3s Midday, Sybil is an Irish journalist and presenter, best known for co-presenting TV3’s The Morning Show with Sybil and Martin for four years and now with Midday. Sybil also spent two years with TV3’s entertainment show Xpose as a reporter. Recently turned 40, Sybil is the youngest of seven children, is married to John and Mom to three beautiful children Hugh (8), Genieve (6) and Michael (2). She was awarded Woman’s Way Mom of the Year 2012 and has been a judge for the competition in 2013 and will also be in 2014. As a Mom, Sybil knows the importance of picking the right products to use when protecting your kids from the sun’s rays or even nasty head lice, and that is why she became Ambassador for ClonMedica. She has used ClonMedica’s products on all of her three children over the past eight years starting with Caldesene and more recently Hedrin Treat and Go, CaldeKids Travel Pops and will definitely be lathering up with Caldesun again this summer.

The Pregnancy & Baby Fair at the RDS


Caldesene exhibition stand at The Pregnancy & Baby Fair, RDS, in 2012, 2013 and 2014. The Pregnancy & Baby Fair offers expectant and new parents the opportunity to try, test and buy all the top products and services that they will need to car e for their bundle of joy under one roof. Caldesene is delighted to participate in this event every year to meet our loyal customers who have helped build the brand over the past 40 years, and it is a wonderful opportunity to give out samples and introduce our new products to parents and parents-to-be!

CaldeBaby Teething Gel

CaldeBaby Teething Gel Pack Shot

Parents of Teething Babies: Smile – CaldeBaby Teething Gel Launches!

Dont be afraid of those little teeth arriving with CaldeBaby Teething Gel

Whilst the first tooth in your baby’s smile is the cutest thing, when a baby cuts its first teeth it often means a hard time for baby and parents alike. With teething sometimes making baby more restless, crotchety, cry more and perhaps all a bit sleep deprived. But babies and parents can now rest easy as ClonMedica launches new CaldeBaby Teething Gel, promising to ease the discomfort that comes with the arrival of milk teeth.


The Irish healthcare provider who specialises in women’s and baby’s healthcare has added CaldeBaby Teething Gel to their product range for baby’s healthcare. CaldeBaby Teething Gel cools and soothes babies’ gums and provides gentle care of baby’s mouth.

Kelley Treanor, Brand Manager for CaldeBaby Teething Gel said of the launch, “I am delighted to include CaldeBaby Teething Gel in ClonMedica’s range for infant healthcare. This allows us to further expand what we can offer to mums and their babies and continue “Looking after you and yours”

CaldeBaby Teething Gel cools and soothes baby’s gums and provides gentle care for teething babies. CaldeBaby Teething Gel allows you to help your baby by massaging your baby’s gums two to three times a day with the teething gel. Sugar free, CaldeBaby Teething Gel contains camomile and has a pleasant honey flavour.


By gently massaging CaldeBaby Teething Gel into your baby’s gums, CaldeBaby effectively soothes and provides gentle care of your baby’s mouth. You simply use a pea-sized amount of gel and apply onto the gum either with a clean finger or a cotton bud and the best times for use of CaldeBaby Teething Gel are after meals and before sleeping. Always read the label and package leaflet before use.

CaldeBaby Teething Gel is available in all good pharmacies and RRP €3.99.