Desenex Information

What is Desenex?

Desenex is the athletes foot fungi solution treatment – use the ointment first and then powder with the ointment to help stop reinfection.

What is athlete’s foot?

It is a common fungal skin infection found between the toes and sometimes on the soles and sides of the feet.  It can also then spread to the toenails which can become discoloured.

It results in redness, itchy feet and toes and scaling.

What causes athletes foot fungi infection (tinea pedis)?

Fungi can grow in small places like sports shoes and sweaty socks. This is because of our feet sweating from being in shoes all day and then becoming a place for bacteria to grow.

What is the best way to avoid getting athletes foot and to prevent reinfection?

It is important to keep feet clean and dry. Wash your feet often – morning and night and make sure they are completely dry, before you put shoes and socks on. 

Makes sure your shoes are not cracked or worn so that water does not seep through to your feet.

It is important to air your shoes and not wear the same ones daily and to always wear clean socks.  If your socks are of good quality cotton your feet will be able to breathe better.

If you have an infection use Desenex.

Is athletes foot fungi contagious?

The fungi are not thought to be highly contagious and there is little risk of catching it in gym/sport shower changing rooms.

What is Desenex Ointment for?

Desenex ointment – for itching and burning feet

What is Desenex Powder for?

Desenex Powder – kills athletes’ foot fungi – prevents reinfection when used daily

How is the Ointment used?

Use twice daily; wash and dry the infected area, apply small strip of ointment and rub gently between toes and on feet. Continue for two weeks after symptoms disappear.

How is the Powder Used?

Use the powder after the ointment for the prevention and treatment of fungal infections of the feet (and also armpits, groin) and for the relief of itching and scaling produced by these fungal infections

Use Desenex Powder with Desenex Ointment for ultimate prevention

Use the ointment firstly to soothe and then use the powder to kill athletes’ foot fungi and to prevent reinfection

Ointment contains zinc undecylenate 20% w/w and undecylenic acid 5.0% w/w.

Powder contains zinc undecylenate, 20% w/w and undecylenic acid w/w.

Where can I buy Desenex?

Desenex is only available from your local pharmacy