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Clonmel Healthcare Ltd is part of a wider publicly quoted group based in Frankfurt, Germany, called STADA AG. Stada is a multi-national generic and speciality pharmaceutical company and has over 8000 employees, based in Europe, Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe. Stada focuses on the development and marketing of generic prescription medicines for humans, offering high quality and high value to patients and reimbursement authorities. It has marketing subsidiaries in most EU states, and had sales in 2012 of over €1.84 billion. It has been growing both organically and by acquisition, and is amongst the top ten generic pharmaceutical companies worldwide. The Stada group is entirely in public ownership, with its shares listed in the M-DAX on the Frankfurt stock exchange, and traded also on the XETRA exchange. For those interested in further information on the parent company, and on how to purchase Stada shares, please visit the following website; and follow the link to the English language section of the website. Header_Home_Erkaeltung

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