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Itcheze from ClonMedica


Suffering from Prickly Heat? A revolutionary new approach to cooling & soothing skin

Itcheze from ClonMedica is an amazing remedy for getting to the root of almost every itch including Prickly Heat.

Prickly Heat is an itchy, red rash that often causes a stinging or prickling sensation on the skin. It usually occurs due to sweating more than usual. Excessive sweating causes sweat glands to become blocked, which can trap sweat beneath the skin, causing irritation and results in a rash.

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The rash can occur anywhere on the body, but most commonly affects areas covered by clothing. With babies and children more prone to prickly heat because their sweat glands are not fully developed you have to ensure they are kept protected and wear as little as possible but are protected from the sun rays. People who are overweight or sweat easily are also more likely to get prickly heat.

An innovative product that is family-friendly Itcheze works without any of the fuss or mess, doing what its name suggests – easing that itch! A cooling gel for the relief of itchy skin conditions including prickly heat, insect bites and stings, superficially reddened and dry itchy skin. Using cutting-edge technology to help soothe, cool & moisturise irritated skin Itcheze is available in both gel and spray gel formats.

Itcheze Cooling Gel and Spray Gel contains Osmocare, a unique patented technology so it works through a process called osmosis to draw water from the inner layers of the skin to re-hydrate the surface layers. This generates a cooling effect that soothes the skin and can help reduce itching & discomfort.

With a rapid cooling effect and easy to use application, Itcheze Gel provides long-lasting moisturising benefits and can be used on both face & body and can even be used on children as young as 6 months so it is definitely one for the family first aid box! As it helps with insect bites and prickly heat it is also a definite for the holiday bag.

Itcheze stands out from other products because of its all-round performance that many existing products just cannot match, it is odourless and absorbs quickly which means it won’t stain your clothes and it can be used on all ages (from 6 months) and has most importantly it has a long lasting effect.

Itcheze Gel 100g RRP is €7.75. Itcheze Spray Gel 120ml is €9.75. Itcheze is available in large family-friendly packs in both Gel and ‘easy to use’ Spray Gel formats which makes it a ‘must’ as a holiday essential. Itcheze Cooling Gel & Spray Gel is available in all good pharmacies nationwide.