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CaldeBaby Teething Gel

CaldeBaby Teething Gel Pack Shot

Parents of Teething Babies: Smile – CaldeBaby Teething Gel Launches!

Dont be afraid of those little teeth arriving with CaldeBaby Teething Gel

Whilst the first tooth in your baby’s smile is the cutest thing, when a baby cuts its first teeth it often means a hard time for baby and parents alike. With teething sometimes making baby more restless, crotchety, cry more and perhaps all a bit sleep deprived. But babies and parents can now rest easy as ClonMedica launches new CaldeBaby Teething Gel, promising to ease the discomfort that comes with the arrival of milk teeth.


The Irish healthcare provider who specialises in women’s and baby’s healthcare has added CaldeBaby Teething Gel to their product range for baby’s healthcare. CaldeBaby Teething Gel cools and soothes babies’ gums and provides gentle care of baby’s mouth.

Kelley Treanor, Brand Manager for CaldeBaby Teething Gel said of the launch, “I am delighted to include CaldeBaby Teething Gel in ClonMedica’s range for infant healthcare. This allows us to further expand what we can offer to mums and their babies and continue “Looking after you and yours”

CaldeBaby Teething Gel cools and soothes baby’s gums and provides gentle care for teething babies. CaldeBaby Teething Gel allows you to help your baby by massaging your baby’s gums two to three times a day with the teething gel. Sugar free, CaldeBaby Teething Gel contains camomile and has a pleasant honey flavour.


By gently massaging CaldeBaby Teething Gel into your baby’s gums, CaldeBaby effectively soothes and provides gentle care of your baby’s mouth. You simply use a pea-sized amount of gel and apply onto the gum either with a clean finger or a cotton bud and the best times for use of CaldeBaby Teething Gel are after meals and before sleeping. Always read the label and package leaflet before use.

CaldeBaby Teething Gel is available in all good pharmacies and RRP €3.99.